Posted on Apr 7, 2017 in BVS London, IHC, Our Hotel Portfolio

Diet. Body. Mind.

Our body is put through its paces every day. Over time the attacks it is subject to cause widespread tissue inflammation that is hard to notice. This asymptomatic inflammation is a silent and hidden danger to our health that can cause imbalances in the body and even illness. Incorrect diet and an unhealthy lifestyle only serve to increase the inflammation and reduce the body’s ability to fight it.

The Equilibrium programme  at Fonteverde is a course that optimally balances the body’s communication systems that are most sensitive to inflammation. This modern and original approach is the result of the PNEI – Psycho Neuro Endocrine Immunology model.

The Equilibrium programme works on reducing the asymptomatic inflammation of tissue as much as possible. It works on four basic principles: reducing stress with simple and effective relaxation techniques, a personalized microbiotic diet plan, physical exercise, and spa therapy.

At Fonteverde, nature is the greatest ally. The grounds, the greenery, the tranquillity and the regenerating power of the spa waters and natural muds all make their contribution to the wellness course experience. Coming into close contact with our natural surroundings allows us to find balance in a gentler, more effective way and helps make us more aware of our actions: it’s nature that heals.