15 September

Well-being at work is good for business

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When it comes to health in the workplace, there are multiple reasons why looking after employees is a good thing – and we’re not just talking about moral and ethical responsibility or the feel-good factor. “Employee welfare isn’t just a ‘nice idea’ any more,” says Cary Cooper, professor of organisational psychology and health at Lancaster […]

14 September

Business owners struggle to ease work-life imbalance

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“When Hannah Cook set up Mendip Accounting Solutions in 2005, the idea was to create a career for herself that would fit around her family plans. Since then she’s had three children – and taken no more than two weeks’ maternity leave with each baby’s arrival. “I’d been going for about three years when my […]

10 September

Italy: Spas and relaxation in Sardinia

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Chia Laguna Resort, located in the south of Sardinia and part of the Italian Hospitality Collection, unveiled a new swimming pool and natural spa, spread across three levels, in June, which features outdoor whirlpool baths and outdoor terraces. The Forte Village resort, also in the south of the island, revamped its spa, which reopened in […]

9 September

Workplace wellbeing: 8 Foods That Make You Unproductive at Work

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8 Foods That Make You Unproductive at Work If you have a desk job, I’m sure by now you’ve heard the mantra, “sitting is the new smoking.” And, if you’re like most working Americans, you’re at that job for far more hours than you’re playing sports, chasing after your kids or otherwise moving. That’s why […]

7 September

Refurbished Bovey Castle spa puts the focus on indulgence

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Refurbished Bovey Castle spa puts the focus on indulgence The recently refurbished Bovey Castle has now unveiled its new spa – a ‘place of luxury and sheer indulgence’ – to mark the completion of the first phase of its £2 million transformation project. Treatment rooms and public areas have been transformed to offer a country […]

6 September

Lodge Hotel to target CSR businesses with new sustainable events space

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Lodge Hotel to target CSR businesses with new sustainable events space “A west London hotel is to target socially-responsible businesses with a new 1,800 sq ft energy-saving events space.”     Please click here to read the full article.

5 September

The Kube at Leicester Racecourse

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THE KUBE – TAILOR MADE FOR YOUR EVENT In June 2014 Leicester Racecourse opened a brand new events space aptly named The KUBE, a cube shaped building that measures 700msq and can accommodate up to 650 cabaret style, in excess of 1000 theatre style and unlimited for exhibitions. The KUBE is a blank canvas and […]

5 September

Why we should have 3-day weekends ALL YEAR: Better work-life balance boosts our health and productivity, expert argues

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As we enjoy the August Bank Holiday and a three-day weekend, it is worth reassessing the amount of time we devote to work. What if all weekends could last for three or even four days? What if the majority of the week could be given over to activities other than work? What if most of […]

4 September

Barometer: Bovey Castle, Devon

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Barometer: Bovey Castle, Devon Just before reaching Bovey Castle we pull off the country lane, nose the car into a field and get changed, hopping from foot to foot amid the long grass. We’ve been on the beach all day — we can’t turn up at a grand hotel in shorts and T-shirts, arms sticky […]

3 September

BVS are proud to announce…

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Italian Hospitality Collection ‘Italian style natural wellness’ Italy, a land sublime unique beautiful, where the extraordinary artistic heritage is intertwined with a varied landscape and surprising. It is this wealth, made ​​of art, culture, nature and relaxation and the hotel group Italian Hospitality Collection. With its collection of exclusive Resorts and Natural Spas in areas […]