Nosh Garden Kitchen: Now Open

Posted on Aug 1, 2017 in BVS London

At La Suite West, Bayswater.

This summer, La Suite West in collaboration with Nosh Detox introduces Nosh Garden Kitchen bringing you a brand new and exciting menu consisting of superfoods and products;  providing a sustainable way of eating well and clean as well as obtaining essential nutrients and supplements. In today’s world, where most meals eaten out are highly calorific and lowly nutritious, it is difficult to eat out and still eat healthy or enjoy menus hotels have to offer without feeling guilty.

All meals and food supplements (smoothies) at Nosh Garden Kitchen are additive, egg and preservative free, high in vitamin content, naturally flavoured, dairy and over 90% are dairy free, gluten free and not heat treated.  Ideal for health and well-being advocates as well as beginners. We don’t count calories, we count food groups while maintaining your health goals.

Every year more and more people decide to convert to a vegan lifestyle and with good reason. Whether they are vegan because they want to live a longer, healthier life or simply wanting to save the animals, a vegan lifestyle comes with several benefits. The diet is associated with a higher consumption of fibre, folic acid, vitamins C and E, magnesium and unsaturated fat. These ingredients contribute to vegans having lower cholesterol, being thinner and having lower blood pressure. A vegan diet is more healthful than the average diet, which helps prevent, treat or reverse heart disease and reduces the risk of cancer.

Vegan diets have also been known to give people more energy and allow them to live longer. Removing certain foods from your diet allows an individual to thrive in certain areas that they could not before. There are several other health benefits that come along with being vegan as well such as maintaining a healthy weight, healthier skin and reduction in bad breath. Being vegan also helps the environment. Growing plants takes much fewer resources than growing animals.

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