In the heart of Paris, the Hotel des Grands Boulevards offers travellers and neighbours a historical and contemporary experience of the capital, between the romanticism of aristocratic interiors and the rabble of Faubourg’s courts.

Le boulevard Poissonière

Tucked away from the hustle & bustle of the French capital, Experimental Group opens its second hotel in Paris: Hotel des Grands Boulevards. The hotel comes to life in a large, elegant building centred at a unique place in Parisian geography. At the centre of the bourgeois districts, not far away from the popular suburbs, the hotel is surrounded by the Sentier and its entrepreneurs, the Faubourg Monmatre’s theatres & the Opera House, close to Strasbourg Saint-Denis’ sleepless nights and the Faubourg Poissonière’s hip restaurants. Set away from the boulevard, Hotel des Grands Boulevards was erected shortly before the French Revolution built on the foundation of an old garden, now a secret garden reached through a long passageway into the building.

Hotel des Grands Boulevards is a sumptuous space featuring 50 bedrooms, a restaurant and a rooftop terrace designed by Dorothée Meilichzon. Inspired by building’s history without falling into the cliché Louis XVI style, the interior seduces the senses bridging the gap between romanticism & aristocracy with a gentle nod to the mischievous.

The Restaurant

On the ground floor, guests discover the Grand Restaurant whose menu, conceived in collaboration with Giovanni Passerini – the beloved chef of the new Parisian gastronomic scene – revisits the great classics of French-Italian country cooking. We source the best products served for guests to enjoy around a landscaped courtyard and a cocktail bar before travelling upwards to the floors above featuring our 50 bedrooms.

The Crew

Experimental Group

Hotel des Grands Boulevards is the second Paris-based hotel from the collective behind Experimental Group joining Grand Pigalle Hotel in the French capital alongside the group’s other wine bars, restaurants and cocktail bars. Founders Romée de Goriainoff, Pierre-Charles Cros and Olivier Bon have watched Paris welcome some of the capital’s best restaurants and bars since they opened Experiemental Cocktail Club in 2007.

The 50 bedrooms, designed by Dorothée Meilichzon weave the collective’s passion for food, wine, cocktails and design.

17 Boulevard Poissonniere Paris 75002