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Palais Namaskar is a destination in itself where you can revive health, regain equilibrium and relax in stylish surroundings.

Palais Namaskar, the oasis of wellbeing in the Palmeraie area, a place of perfect tranquillity between desert and majestic mountains.

In the Palmeraie oasis beneath the Atlas Mountains and mysterious Djebilet Hills, Palais Namaskar rests in a vast and majestic panorama. Here is an oriental retreat designed to restore your energies and enliven the senses. Days recapture that elusive tranquility, while the sultry hum of the desert provides a rhythmic backbeat to evenings.

41 rooms, suites, villas and palaces are set along meandering waterways throughout the 12 acre resort. Each is a peaceful sanctuary enveloped by lush greenery, many with swimming pools. They are designed for the most generous and most private space, with walled gardens or billowing sheers to draw around courtyards for seclusion.

Interiors are created with a calm sophistication, stylish bathrooms have glass walls brushed by greenery with centred soaking tubs and outdoor plunge pools, while still pools and open fireplaces balance the ‘five elements’ for an atmosphere of harmony and wellbeing.

Located 30 minutes from Marrakech Menara Airport by transfer.

Route de Bab Atlas, No.88/69, Province Syba,، Marrakesh 40000, Morocco


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