What Women Really Want: Great Room Service

Posted on Jul 21, 2017 in BVS London

Maiden Voyage recently ran an independent survey amongst professional women around the world into what women really want from room service.  Of the 100 women surveyed, 53% stated that they felt hotel room service was generally tailored towards men with menus of high carb, meaty dishes turning women off staying in to dine.  In fact 54% of respondents said that they rarely or never dine in their hotel rooms with only 4% of women always staying in.  Those ladies who dine alone in their hotel rooms often do so because they are nervous about venturing out of a hotel and into an unknown city alone.

When asked what dishes they would like to see on the room service menus, 43% of women said that they would like to see more appetising salad options and many would like to add lighter protein ingredients such as steamed fish and chicken.  Other popular suggestions were healthy soups, snacking plates, mezes and more adventurous vegetarian dishes.  The tone was overwhelmingly about lighter and healthier dishes.

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