Introducing The Trident Hotel, Jamaica

Posted on Sep 15, 2017 in BVS London

With a change of seasons here in London, we’re delighted to announce The Trident Hotel in hot and sunny Jamaica where the sun shines all year round!

Set on the lip of the Caribbean Sea, the newly refurbished Trident Hotel in Port Antonio offers a sensuous vision of contemporary luxury on the North-East coast of the Jamaican Riviera.

The thirteen villas act as harmonized sanctuaries, with oceanfront porticos and private soaking pools. The property also boasts an elegant Explorer’s Lounge with a comprehensive library and antique billiard’s table as well as a Time Bar serving a house-made drinks menu.

The highlight is Mike’s Supper Club, a high-end speakeasy where exceptional music, cuisine and culture all conspire to make it one of the most original and exciting Jamaican destinations.

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