Our 123 initiative is designed to take the situation we currently find ourselves in as an opportunity to navigate your Hotel & F&B businesses to put you back in control & make them fly.

We want to know what you know and discuss what you worry about to be able to get up to speed quickly to delve into your brand positioning, sales & marketing activity.

Are your revenue channels optimised?

Are you being adequately represented?

Have you ‘really’ bottomed out your points of difference to stand out from the competition?

Can we spot opportunities in your product offering & communication activity?

The bottom line is a report with the best solutions to enable effective planning moving forward into 2021 to impact your business, maximise your revenue & enable it to stand out from the competition.

With many years of industry experience, & proven fixing skills across all market segments, we will look constructively at your business with fresh eyes & sharpen your focus.

Contact Karen McFall drone@bvslondon.co.uk +44 (0) 7748 410364