Springing back in 2021 – meet Sue

Posted on Mar 19, 2021 in BVS London

As we all ‘spring’ back or indeed ‘spring’ forward, we thought it was time to catch up with the BVS team.

Meet Sue from Us&U working in partnership with BVS

Does words and pictures as well as brand communication strategically, socially, digitally and graphically. Over the years she has been found working on teeny weeny business cards to award winning 3 story exhibition stands and jaw dropping brand experiences – don’t ask her about ‘A5 Flyers R Us’ or hiding cables from view! There is nothing she likes more than getting under the skin of a brand, making the best of it, and telling the world about it – in fact anyone who will pay attention, look, read or listen. A bit of a project manager – in fact a lot of a project manager – dislikes databases but loves a schedule.

Sister to Caroline and devoted spaniel lover. Slave to Monty the sprocker spaniel A.K.A. Lord Montague of Knowle as listed on the Kennel Club Working Dog Register.

Is the sun over the yardarm yet?

Keep an eye out for our ‘drone’ news coming soon… http://bvslondon.co.uk/send-in-the-drone/